Process Research & Development

Comprehensive process development services from preclinical to commercial

Asymchem understands the importance quality, time, and cost related to the research and development of new drugs. Whether your project is in the preclinical stage or is ready for commercialization, we will tailor a process development strategy around your needs designed to quickly to bring the drug to clinical trials and available in markets.

Strong Research & Development

For over 20 years, Asymchem has been developing innovative drugs and is a strategic partner of many of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. Throughout this time, we have matched industry standards in mainstream pharmaceutical processes and methods to meet the diverse customization needs of our clients. In recent years, Asymchem has developed technologies such as flow chemistry and biotransformation with independent intellectual property rights. These technology investments have allowed Asymchem to achieve low-energy consumption, low emissions, and sustainable development practices; which have made Asymchem a leader in Green Business Models.

Located in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin (China), our R&D headquarters is equipped with more than 550 fuming cupboards and is run by a strong team of over 1,700 scientific researchers, of which more than 30% have master degrees.


Service area

 Early process development 

Our fast approach to meet needs optimizes the process research on salt form and crystal form screening and crystallization to help our customers achieve IND approval to conduct clinical trials as soon as possible.

 Late clinical and commercialization projects 

We carry out process scaling and optimization for our customers, including proven acceptable ranges range (PAR), critical process parameters identification (CPP), and DOE services including formulation of starting material / intermediate / API control strategies, as well as the complete process validation services.

 Analysis support 

Our analysis team can support a variety of analysis needs at various stages of drug development. We can support analytical work of different modules, such as analytical method development and validation, stability study, structure identification, impurity preparation / characterization, standard sample preparation/ characterization, chemical properties characterization cleaning validation, and more.


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