Biotechnology empowers chemical reactions-from the discovery of enzymes to integrated solutions for biotransformation applications

Bio-enzyme catalysis technology is one of the best solutions to achieve green synthesis. Asymchem is focused on building a bio-enzyme catalysis technology platform to enable chemical reactions. The platform covers the discovery, screening, evolutionary modification and evolution, immobilization, fermentation of new enzymes to industrial applications. Many kinds of highly active engineering enzymes have been successfully used in the commercial production of statins , glitazones , penem and other blockbuster drugs. Asymchem has complete biotransformation capabilities and is committed to integrating it into specific chemical processes, providing greener processes,ultimately , reducing the cost, supply risks and environmental impact.


One-stop Bio-enzyme catalysis technology solutions

 Enzyme engineering 

● Enzyme discovery/ development/ evolution/ immobilization 

● Multiple enzyme screening kits

 Bioorganic chemistry 

● HTP screening

● Development and production of immobilized enzymes

● Development of scalable biotransformation processes

 Enzyme production 

● Experienced process development team

● Up to 5,000 L fermentation capability


Asymchem's self-owned enzyme library

Utilizing enzyme engineering technologies such as DNA recombination, rational design and directed evolution,Asymchem develops new enzymes with higher activity, selectivity, stability and longer lifecycle,   Continuously enrichs in-house enzyme. We have developed multiple kinds of enzymes, including ketone reductases, transaminases, amino acid dehydrogenases, hydrolases, olefin reductases, monooxygenases, imine reductases and amine lyases. There are nearly 1,000 enzymes in our library and the number increases continuously. Asymchem has FTO for all the enzymes in the enzyme library and maintains stocks constantly. 


Enzyme + flow chemistry = customized biotransformation solutions for  pharmaceutical industry

● The combination of immobilized enzyme and flow chemistry can keep the enzyme reusable for a long time while improve the reactor production capacity greatly.

● Multi-enzyme co-immobilized flow chemistry system, in which the mixing efficiency is transformed to improve mass transfer, speed up the whole process, and can easily achieve integrated processing and analysis control.

Experienced project team

● 110+ dedicated R&D scientists, 60 with master degree or above

● 30+ enzyme customerization projects, 100+ biotransformation projects 

● Proprietary new enzymes won the international market's recognition, relevant patent was licensed to international pharmaceutical giant

● A large variety of engineered enzymes have been used in the production of blockbuster drugs

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