Flow Chemistry

Promoting greener, safer and more reliable pharmaceutical innovations 

Established for scaling up the manufacturing process and independent R&D, Asymchem’s flow chemistry have successfully developed platforms for process screening, equipment design and scale-up application after over a decade’s efforts, realizing “end-to-end” continuous green production. Such continuous production which is in compliance with the GMP regulations, has been applied to multiple key intermediates and API commercial projects of innovative drugs.


▲The end-to-end continuous production of the kbeta-lactam key intermediate, independently developed by Asymchem, breaks the limit of conventional batch production mode, which requires a 15-step process and takes 21 days, and is now the shortest synthetic processof MAP worldwide, completing the production in 8 days with much less energy consumption. Besides, the ozonization process of the mode can not only solve the problem of safe amplification, but also avoid using highly polluting and highly toxic reagents. With the production capacity of 8 tons per month, Asymchem can be seen as the industry standard for green safety production.

Our flow chemistry platform

Through the combination of modules and automatic controls, a practical, flexible and scalable flow chemistry platform can realize the full flow production demands of different drugs. It has hundreds of sets ranging from screening, lab work, pilot to commercial scale. 

Reaction types include:

● Cryogenic reactions (≤-20 degrees)

● High temperature reactions (≥150 degrees)

● Diazomethane reactions

● Ozonation reactions

● Oxidation with peroxide

● Nitration

● Photochemistry

● Electrochemistry

● Catalytic hydrogenation reactions

● Preparation and application of Grignard reagent

● Hazardous reactions involving azide or hydrazine compunds

● Reactions with gases (acetylene, ethylene, ammonia, etc.) and more


Flow chemistry process development solutions

● Flow-chemistry feasibility assessment

● Process development and optimization

● Validation and up-scaling

● Model design  (new technology platform)

● Tech package update

● Technical transfer from lab to plant

● Continuous improvement

● Process optimization for all scales – lab, kilo scale and commercial


Experienced project team

● More than 90 experienced R & D scientists and engineers.

● Over 400 reactions scaled up to kilo.

● Experience in process validation and manufacture of up to tons scale under GMP guidelines.

● Successful application of Flow chemistry to the commercial production of key intermediates and APIs of innovative drugs.

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