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On Site Catalyst Production Supports Full Chemical Process

Understanding the need to move away from proprietary enzymes offered by a single enzyme supplier, at Asymchem we optimize and produce catalysts on site that support the full chemical process. We immobilize each enzyme or modify its properties for maximum efficiency in a manufacturing environment. And, because we manufacture and use these enzymes in a single location, we’re able to avoid loss of enzyme activity and enable the application of other advanced technologies.

Advantages of in-house enzyme services include:

  • No loss of enzyme activity
  • Reduced cost
  • Tighter supply chain control
  • Available in grams to ton scales
  • Project-based or FTE-based solutions
Asymchem Enzymes Application and Opitmization Chart_APIs Intermediates Enzymes Chart

Enzyme Screening

Asymchem provides multiple enzyme screening kits that target a broad range of biotransformation, offering standalone enzyme screening against specific processes.

When customers provide substrates which include analytical method development and process optimization, we will propose alternatives that add more value for less effort.

Enzyme Engineering

By producing enzyme solutions at the same site where the chemical process will be run, Asymchem avoids unnecessary steps making the enzyme suitable for shipment, while ultimately adding value. We can also seamlessly combine the biotransformation step with other technologies for the best overall process. Our enzyme engineering is chemist controlled, meaning our primary focus is to ensure effectiveness in a given step.

Our program features:

  • Recombinant expression
    • New enzyme development service for a specific substrate, including gene screening, recombinant expression, expression optimization, and evolution
  • Enzyme evolution technology
    • Rational design: The mutation sites are selected based on the simulated protein three-dimensional structure, for example as site-directed mutagenesis and saturation mutagenesis.
    • Irrational design: The mutation is random and diversity of variants is increased, for example error-prone PCR, DNA shuffling, and staggered extension process.
  • High through-put screening
    • This important part of enzyme evolution determines the efficiency and ability of the enzyme evolution. Asymchem has developed a series of high through-put screening methods for ketoreductase, transaminase, hydrolase, and other classes.
  • Enzyme immobilization
  • Downstream expertise
    • Expertise in adapting and optimizing customized DSP process based on enzyme — soluble and insoluble enzymes/proteins
  • Scalable DSP process from lab to production scale with maximum yield and activity
  • Experience in handling and scaling up instable and sensitive recombinant protein production
  • Expertise in scalable production of lyophilized enzyme powders and immobilized enzymes

Enzyme Library

Asymchem’s enzyme library includes wild type enzymes in the public domain and enzymes engineered in house.

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