CEO Message

In 1995 when I started Asymchem with a single laboratory in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park (RTP), I did it with not much more than my unbridled enthusiasm for chemistry. Fortunately this period of steadfast faith in therapeutics coincided with the budding Chinese CDMO industry. In 1998, through careful consideration and investment, Asymchem extended its fast-growing operations to China and the story began to unfold.

Today Asymchem employs more than 5000 people at eight sites and count as our clients as the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. While I’m proud of such a significant accomplishment, our numerous advances in novel technology including the commercial-sized application of flow chemistry in API manufacturing, have fueled my continued passion for chemistry. Along with the recent construction of Asymchem’s multidimensional service platform, we’ve realized that our enriched expertise and commitment to innovation can extend beyond “big pharma” to those newly emerged biotech labs and even smaller sized specialty pharmaceutical companies adopting cutting-edge therapeutics. Using the “Know How” spirit, Asymchem has made it our mission to help these innovators successfully bring their products to market.

Dr. Hao Hong
CEO, Chairman

Senior Management

Asymchem Senior Leadership James Gage

James Gage, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Asymchem Senior Leadership Rui Yang

Rui Yang

Chief Operating Officer

Asymchem Senior Leadership Da Zhang

Da Zhang

Chief Financial Officer

Asymchem Senior Leadership Elut Hsu

Elut Hsu

SVP, Business Development

Asymchem Senior Leadership Yi Xiao

Yi Xiao

SVP, Process Development & Application

Asymchem Senior Leadership Liang Hong

Liang Hong

SVP, Process Development & Application

Asymchem Senior Leadership Chaoyong Chen

Chaoyong Chen

SVP, Resource & Development

Asymchem Senior Leadership Xiaolian Huang

Xiaolian Huang

SVP, Purchasing

Asymchem Senior Leadership Pingzhong Huang

Pingzhong Huang, Ph.D.

SVP, Process Development

Asymchem Senior Leadership Yingwei Jiang

Yingwei Jiang

SVP, Human Resources

Asymchem Senior Leadership Yan Zhou

Yan Zhou, Ph.D.

VP, Quality Management

Asymchem Senior Leadership Xiangke Xu

Xiangke Xu

VP, Finance

Asymchem Senior Leadership Yan Kuang

Yan Kuang


Asymchem Senior Leadership Mark McLaws

Mark McLaws, Ph.D.

VP, CMC & Development

Asymchem Senior Leadership Jiangpin Lu

Jiangping Lu, Ph.D.

VP, Technology Development & Applications

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Asymchem has assembled a Board of Scientific Advisors (SAB) of 10 distinguished academic and industrial scientists with expertise in areas including enzyme evolution, asymmetric catalysis, and green chemistry. The advisory board will provide advice on high level strategic issues faced by Asymchem, and to assist in identification of new business opportunities.

Advisory Board of Pharmaceutical Development Strategy

With the establishment of a pharmaceutical development strategy expert committee, Asymchem’s Board of Pharmaceutical Development Strategy aims to expand the company’s China market. By leveraging experts and scholars, we’ve been able to create a valuable intellectual synergy, actively promote Asymchem’s green pharmaceutical technology progress, and improve the professionalism and scientific level of strategic decisions.

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