Low Temperature

Production Scale Cryogenic Processes: Batch or Continuous Flow

Asymchem has gained years of experience in process development, scale-up, and manufacturing where cryogenic reaction conditions are required, such as Grignard reactions and metal-halogen exchange. We have batch reactors up to 8000 L scale capable of temperatures to -90°C. Our cryogenic manufacturing can be performed using continuous flow technology which offers improved temperature control, energy efficiency, and safety profiles for cryogenic reactions.

Low Temperature Capabilities and Features

  • Capability to perform cryogenic batch chemistry at pilot to commercial scale at all three manufacturing hubs within the organization
  • Experience at amending traditional batch cryogenic processes to continuous flow which offer superior heat transfer efficiency and is less energy-intensive. (link to flow page)
  • Commercial scale cryogenic continuous flow capabilities at temperatures as low as -110°C
  • End-to-End; flow reaction +continuous workup
  • Process built on modularity (operational units on skids)
  • Flexibility and robustness
  • Use of paired portable tanks to insulate process from disturbances and provide flexibility to operations to react in case of process upsets
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Use of PAT to ensure steady state at key points of the process and guarantee quality of product