Process Development & Drug Substance

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Commercially Derived, High-Expressing Stable Cell Lines

Asymchem’s cell line development platform supports cell line selection, clone screening, and cell banking services for different types of biologics. Our stable GS (Glutamine Synthetase) knock-out cell line with high productivity, offers an average titer 2-5+g/L. And, our automatic clonal screening equipment (Solentim VIPS™, etc.) to shorten timeline, lower cost, and improve efficiency.

Cell Line Development

Asymchem Biologics Process Dev and Drug Substance

High-Quality Cell Culture and Downstream Purification Process Development

Asymchem’s Advanced Ambr™ microscale bioreactors shorten the process development timeline and reduce materials and labor cost. Our state-of-the-art platform includes various types of bioreactors with corresponding process development to meet customer needs.

Our high throughput protein purification process development equipment (AKTA avant150, etc.) meets the demands for highly efficient downstream process development and sample preparation. Maximum purification efficiency and yield are ensured by flexible chromatographic column combinations.

Non-GMP / GMP Pilot (200L / 500L) Stock Solution Production Platform

Asymchem’s fully cGMP-compliant facility offers a wide range of CMC development and clinical production capacity to meet regulatory requirements of biologics manufacturing from US, Europe, China, and other regulatory agencies around the world.

Our upstream production line includes single-use Sartorius bioreactors (2x200L, 2x500L) and downstream production lines with GE and Pall chromatography systems that support GMP production of biologics. Finally, our drug substance production platform capacity reaches kg-scale, sufficient to support clinical trial requirements and the production of early clinical supplies.